Future To Fight For

Take the next step.

What would it take to build a fairer, more just society? A set of solutions that are scaled to the size of the challenges we face, and a plan that asks people to do something big, to win something big.

Future to Fight For is a set of bold, commonsense policy goals – ideas that are realistic about the possibilities in a country as wealthy as Australia. But getting there requires us to scale a movement that can create electoral penalties for any party that wants to take us backwards. 

We know that it’s possible. We’ve done it before. 

In 2016 we unseated members of the hard right of Australian politics, people who were pulling all of the major parties to a destructive place. In 2019 that’s what we’ll be focused on as well - concrete, accessible, highly strategic actions that support progressive independents, and that remove enemies of political progress.

If you think politics is too important to be left to politicians, and want to have a voice in the direction we take as a country - join us, and together, we can create an economy and society that work for the many, not the wealthy few. 


Check out all the policies and find out more about the inspiration behind the vision here.