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About the project

The meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn showed us what’s possible when we think big and put people at the centre of everything we’re fighting for. The shocking win of Donald Trump is evidence of the consequences when we don’t offer compelling solutions to the real challenges of a changing world.

The GetUp community knows that politics is too important to be left to politicians.

In July 2017, 17,000 GetUp members took part in a national survey of the changes they wanted to see in their economy. Many of them dedicated at least half an hour to describing their vision of a fairer, and more just society. Their most popular ideas were put to leading economists, researchers and partner organisations to understand how we can bring those ideas to life. This document is only the first step in a journey that began with GetUp members’ ideas.

And it’s only a single step in what will be a long journey.

Re-imagining what’s politically possible is a process that takes time. Yet the only way real change has ever happened is by everyday people to coming together and fighting for the future they want.

Despite the division and cynicism that sometimes engulfs our politics, most people know we can do better. While we might not vote the same way, we share common hopes. While we may all come from different places, we all want to move in the same direction: towards good schools and good jobs, decent healthcare and housing, affordable childcare and affordable energy.

These aren’t radical ideas. In a country as wealthy as Australia, they’re common sense and basic decency. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the project so far.